Print Shop


During a busy shift in the printshop suddenly our 3-phase generator cut off. To our despair our radiator was leaking coolant, FAST! With no hope of getting a replacement for several days and deadlines which needed met we didn’t know what to do.

Looking for a solution we called down to our local auto parts store – a helpful member of staff suggested we use a the fantastic solvall product called “Leakstop” and we are glad we did!

The leakstop was very easy to use we simple refilled the radiator with enough room to add the product at the end and within a few minutes of running our radiator had stopped gushing coolant and was operating as normal. Unbelieavble! Within a hour of what looked like a hopeless situation we were back up and running. We managed to meet all our deadlines and avoid disappointing customers.

  • Fast Acting
  • Permanently Seals
  • Guaranteed Not To Clog Cooling System